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UNESCO: Palmyra Archeological Site Retains Large Part of Its Integrity and Authenticity

PARIS- Despite the destruction of several iconic edifices, the archaeological site of Palmyra retains a large part of its integrity and authenticity,  UNESCO’s experts said after their return from a technical rapid assessment mission to the historical Syrian city of Palmyra yesterday, noting that UNESCO will work with its partners to adopt emergency safeguarding measures, according to UNESCO Website.

The experts presented their preliminary findings regarding damages to the Syrian Arab Republic World Heritage site.

Hypogeum of the Three Brothers in Palmyra 'in good shape'- DGAM

Director General of the DGAM has affirmed that the hypogeum of the Three Brothers, which dates back to 160 AD,in Palmyra stayed intact.

Maamoun Abdul Karim was quoted on the official news agency (SANA) as saying that he and 30 archaeologists toured ancient sites in Palmyra and saw that the hypogeum [underground chamber- cemetery ] of the three brothers,  was in good shape.

DGAM draws up plan to rehabilitate Palmyra citadel

The DGAM's Director General Maamoun Abdul Karim has declared that the photos received after the Syrian army restored peace and stability to the 16th-centuary Palmyra citadel show that the main structure of the citadel stayed intact.

He added that there are damages inside the Palmyra citadel [also known as the Arabian citadel and the Fakhr-al-Din al-Maani castle]resulted from ISIS destructive acts." The Directorate General of Antiquities and Museums has a well-qualified cadres to rehabilitate the citadel."

DGAM briefs IEG on Syrian heritage looted by terrorist organizations

Director-General of Antiquities and Museums in Syria has called on the international community to work to stop looting of the Syrian cultural heritage by the terrorist organizations and to implement the UN resolution No.2199 (2015) that calls for a ban on trade in cultural materials illegally removed from Syria.

Maamoun Abdul Karim, who was speaking in the 13thmeeting of the INTERPOL Expert Group (IEG) on stolen cultural properties, asserted the increment of illegal excavations and artifacts theft by terrorist organizations.

Ports of Ugarit and Forgotten Marine Facilities

Lattakia, (ST- (The splendor and prosperity of the Kingdom of Ugarit, the development in business and remote contacts with countries overseas required the need to marine utilities that meet the services of the stage. The Beida Gulf, which is protected from the southwestern wind and waves suffice but within the intensity of the winds and high waves turn the port into an unsafe place, then there is no choice except the withdrawal of ships to the beach and access to the al -Feid River.

It is not logical that al -Feed River with its small basin and scarce water is the only port of Ugarit to the world of seas and there must be naval facilities through which the ships of Ugarit can depart to the outside world, including the maritime Ibn Hani facility which is called Ras al –Fanar