Mosaic Dating Back to 4th Century Uncovered in Barhilia Town in Damascus Countryside

DAMASCUS– The national archeology expedition operating in Barada valley in al-Zabadani area in Damascus Countryside uncovered a floor mural dating back to the 4th century AD.

The mosaic, which has an area of around 50 meters, was found in Barhilia town, and makes up the floor of a hall with a wide entrance and two narrow entrances, according to SANA.

1.5 million Euros Allocated to Help Rehabilitate Syrian Antiquities, Says Czech Museum Director

Director of the National Museum in Prague Michal Lukeš has declared that 40 million Czech Koruna[1.5 million Euros] is allocated to rehabilitate some of Palmyra antiquities delivered to Damascus and to help repair damaged monuments in Aleppo in accordance with development and humanitarian aid program approved by the Czech government for 2016-2019.

His remark was made during an interview with Czech Television on Tuesday.

Syria, Czech Republic Sign Declaration of Intent on Monuments Protection

Syria and Czech Republic have signed declaration of intent to establish a long-term cooperation in fields of the restoration of monuments, protection of cultural heritage in Syria and holding exhibitions about Syrian monuments and culture in the Czech Republic.

The declaration, which was signed today by Director General of DGAM in Syria Dr. Maamoun Abdul Karim and Director of National Museum in Prague Michal Lukeš, includes cooperation in various fields and an international campaign to introduce Syrian culture to the whole world through holding exhibitions.

ISIS Terrorists Destroy Antiquities in Dura-Europos Site outside Der Ezzour

ISIS terrorists have destroyed several statues and antiquities that date back  to thousands of years in Dura-Europos site in Der Ezzour countryside, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported Sunday.

The agency clarified that the terrorist ISIS organization [Its Arabic acronym is Daesh] published a video showing how its elements destroyed the statues and antiquities in the said site by using large hammers.

89 Looted Artifacts Returned to Syria

Eighty-nine looted artifacts have returned to Syria through Lebanon and the sale of other looted artifacts in Europe has been stopped in cooperation with INTERPOL and UNESCO.

This is what Director-General of DGAM Dr. Maamoun Abdul Karim unveiled during an interview with the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) on the sidelines of the ' Treasures of Syrian Heritage' exhibition opened Wednesday in the National Museum of Damascus.

He clarified that the artifacts were looted from Syria by terrorist organizations and smuggled abroad