Ministry of Interior: Archaeological artifacts were found buried on agricultural land in Homs

On October 17, the  Security Branch in Homs discovered artifacts buried in agricultural land in the village of Al-Ghantoot. The artifacts  were buried by a member of armed terrorist groups before the withdrawal of these groups from that area.

The Ministry of Interior stated that after receiving information about the presence of artifacts buried in agricultural land, and after inspecting the place and digging  it up, a group of artifacts and pieces of glass, metal and pottery were found suspected of being archaeological.

The ministry said that  the Directorate of Antiquities and Museums in Homs made tests  on the discovered pieces which are  two big broken glass vessels and ten glass vessels and they date back to the Byzantine period.

In addition  eleven glass vessels of various shapes- small and some of them broken, all of which are antique in addition to ancient pottery vessels with colored drawings dating back to the Islamic period and a small part of an antique pipe dating back to the period of the Ottoman occupation,were found.

The Ministry confirmed that all the seized antique and non-archaeological pieces were handed over to the Homs Museum.


O. al- Mohammad