Dr. Nizar Bani al-Marjah highlights the historic ancient wall in Damascus

Damascus, ST-The historic wall of Damascus, which was built several times throughout the ages, most recently in the Roman era, was the title of a lecture delivered yesterday by the writer Dr. Nizar Bani al-Marjah in Abu Rummaneh cultural center .

The lecture held by al- Adiyat Association, entitled "The Wall of Damascus, its visible and hidden parts" during which Bani Marjeh reviewed the environmental and constructive changes  in Damascus through the historical eras. He pointed out that due to  the city's geographical location and its richness of resources, it was exposed to many invasions and battles.

Bani al-Marjah noted  that Damascus is the oldest city in the world and that many of its antiquities have either been researched while some remains buried in the ground. Among them is the ancient wall that some of its parts have been researched  and other parts have vanished under the current fence.

The lecturer added that the Aramean leader Rozon bin Al-Idea established the Kingdom of Aram Damascus, and he ordered building  a fortified wall to protect it from invasions, especially from the Assyrians and the Pharaohs.

Bani al- Marjah also discussed the doors of Damascus and why had names of planets and Greek gods. He reviewed  the history of these doors ,their importance and the symbol of their number(7 doors). Bani al-Marjah concluded his lecture by saying that the modern archaeological discoveries of Damascus have proved that the remains of the present wall that the Romans built was part of the wall that the Arameans had been building in the late second millennium BC.