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A program for training a cadre specialized in archaeological buildings in Homs

Homs, (ST)-"Academic engineers representing the Heritage Committee of Homs Engineers Union are working to train a cadre to be specialized in archaeological buildings in the field of documentation and damage assessment." Affirmed Eng. Amer Al-Sibai, head of the union's heritage committee, pointing out that the branch is working to train a well-qualified cadre specialized in archaeological buildings through carrying out special courses, including field visits to identify the dangers of the damage that  affected  the archeological sites either because of the terrorist war or natural factors.

 Al-Sibai went on to say : " the current specialized course, which will last for 14 days is based on a program prepared by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the German Archaeological Institute. It include a visit to Al-Hoson Citadel, Al-qaisariah Market and the old city of Homs. Engineers from Damascus and Tartous are participating in the course.

In turn, Ghassan Janair, a consultant working in the field of old and archaeological buildings, said that the course is concerned with drawing up an inventory for the buildings that were damaged by the war in addition to the old ones and documenting them in general.

Eng. Batoul Issa from Tartous explained that the aim of the training program is to strengthen the means of protecting and defending the antiquities, noting that the course will open wide horizons for research, reading and learning about the other experiences.

The courses, according to Issa, include the needs for restoration, in addition to providing a full briefing on the ways of documentation and dealing with each damage because each building has its own strategy

For dealing.

 Amal Farhat-Homs