Ugarit, the cradle of civilization, holds its first tourism festival

"Syria is a wonderful country. It enjoys a charming nature, a deep-rooted civilization and archaeological sites. I am thrilled  to attend a cultural and tourism festival in Syria because  festivals celebrate a country's glorious heritage and culture” Pierre Stevenson , a tourist from Norway said in a statement to the Syriatimes e-newspaper on the sideline of Ugarit First Tourism Festival recently held in the historic city of Ugarit in Ra’as Shamra area in Lattakia countryside.

The festival, held marking World Tourism Day, included a range of traditional songs and folk dance performances as well as a number of artistic activities, including a theatrical show called “Resalet Salam” (Message of Peace) by "Kabbani” Band for Theatrical Arts.

“ What encouraged me to come to Syria was my desire to see the real situation on the ground which has proved to be contrary to what has been rumored about Syria in western media. I will never forget the excitement I felt here in this festival. Syria’s magic history and civilization are still alive” Stevenson underscored.

He called on all the tourists to come to Syria and tour the charming tourist archaeological sites, affirming Syria is a fascinating country and its people are generous and hospitable.

Loa’i Shana, the director of the theatrical performance ( Resalet Salam) told Syria times that the show, which depicts the history of Ugarit, stresses the Ugaritic message of peace which was written 7000 years ago and which calls for abandoning wars and conflicts and for spreading peace and friendship in the world.

He pointed out that the ruins of the city of Ugarit were the stage of the show and the antiquities were the decoration.

On his part, the Director of Tourism in Lattakia, Eng. Yasser Dway, said that "festivals are a chance for all people in the country and the world to work and connect for a cause.  The Ugarit Festival is characterized by being held in the cradle of the first alphabet and the starting point for civilization and life”.

"The festival aims at sending a  message to the entire world that the Syrians are peace lovers and Syria will be the country of culture and civilization” Eng. Dway added.

"Al-Rimal” Dance Theatre Band performed three dance shows depicting conflicts, love and sadness.

"Choosing historic and archeological sites to hold festivals is of great importance to reactivate the glory of these sites and stimulate the Syrian people to preserve their archaeological heritage. Ugarit will continue to be the fascinating Syrian spot for all civilization and generations” according to Ghaidaa Mohammed Head of Al-Rimal Band.

"Attending festivals in archaeological places enables the generation of  Syrian youth to know where Syria’s deep-rooted civilization starts and encourages them to preserve Syria’s glorious and honorable history” Mahmoud underscored.

On her part, Head of “Darb“ (way ) establishment Kinda Nassar said in a statement to Syriatimes “ our participation in organizing this cultural event comes within the framework of cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism to send the whole world a message that Ugarit’s alphabet is civilization and that it was so important to mankind that it can’t be compared to any other event in human history”.

"By far The royal palace of Ugarit was described by some archaeologists and historians as the most beautiful palace in the ancient world which reflects the opulence of Ugarit in its days of glory” Nassar concluded proudly.


Interviewed by : Rawaa Ghanam

Photos by : Rawaa Ghanam