Delegation of Italian Politicians and parliamentarians visits Palmyra and Homs

ST - Member of The Italian senate House Paolo Romani headed  a delegation of Italian parliamentarians and politicians to visit the historical city of Palmyra.

“I was excited to come to Palmyra and see its ancient civilization, especially at a time that all the world is interested in the city's ancient  heritage. I have a great desire to show  all Italians the importance of  the historical sites in Syria and to cover the crimes committed by the terrorist organization Daesh against humanity by destroying this human heritage." , Paolo Romani, told the media in Palmyra.

Romani pointed out that there are many archaeological sites in Italy and Europe, but the existence of the ruins of Palmyra in the middle of the desert is "something very special and beautiful", expressing his great hope to cooperate to provide something useful for this marvelous city.

Members of the delegation also watched a film about the life of the martyr of civilization, archaeologist Khaled Al-Asa'ad, who was assassinated by the enemies of culture and humanity. Then they visited famous temple of Bel, street of columns, the ancient amphitheater and many other places.

Later, the Italian delegation visited the city of Homs and  inspected the volume of  destruction  and damages caused by terrorist groups in the neighborhoods of Jouret al-Shayah, Khaldiya and Qusour.

The delegation also visited the old markets of Homs, the Great Mosque of Old Homs and the Church of Um Al-Zanar and was briefed on the return to life after years of control by terrorist groups.