Hama Antiquities Directorate Saves Hundreds of Syrian Artifacts from Terrorists

HAMA, (ST)- Hama Antiquities Directorate has unveiled a box containing some 300 artifacts dating back to different ages and that has been hidden by the directorate so that the terrorist gangs don't steal it when they captured the archeological city of Apamea

The box contained statues, statues heads, jewelry, pottery vessels and glassware.

A statement by the General Directorate of Antiquities and Museums said on Thursday that Director of Hama Antiquities Abdul Qader Farzat ordered two workers at Apamea museum  to put the artifacts in an iron box and bury them. According to the statement, after the recent liberation of the archeological city and the museum of Apamea by the Syrian Arab army, the box was pulled out with the help of the army and the contents were taken to safe places.

 Dr. Mahmoud Hamoud, the General Director of Antiquities and Museums, said that such noble initiatives by the workers in the antiquities directorate prove their loyalty to the homeland and its heritage.

He pointed out that the workers who had saved the artifacts will be honored.

The archeological city of Apamea and its Museum were exposed to destruction, looting, vandalism and illicit excavations by the terrorist groups whey their controlled it.

 Hamda Mustafa