Syrian Antiquities, Showcased in "The Splendor of Asia" Exhibition in Beijing, Attract Big Number of Visitors

BEIJING, (ST)- The Syrian antiquities currently showcased in the Syrian stand participating in the "Splendor of  Asia", Exhibition, held at the National Museum of China in Beijing, have attracted many visitors who are interested in Syria's civilization and cultural  heritage.

 The Syrian stand in the exhibition, which sheds light on Asian civilizations, displays 37 archeological pieces that date back to different ages, starting from the pre-historic ages until the Islamic ages, and presents a clear idea about the ancient Syrian civilization.

Mahmoud Hammoud, Director General of Antiquities and Museums (GDAM) in Syria told SANA that the Syrian participation in the exhibition, in which 23 Asian countries are taking part through 451 artifacts, is the first of its kind in terms of cooperation between the GDAM and the National Museum of China.

Hammoud added that the great turnout by visitors aiming to see the Syrian antiquities has encouraged organizers to show their desire to extend the period for exhibiting these artifacts in order to help as much visitors enjoy seeing the exhibits as possible.

The GDAM was asked to organize another exhibition next year that contains wider participation and that tours several Chinese cities to get the Chinese people acquainted with Syria's civilization and heritage.

Hammoud thanked China for supporting Syria's efforts to preserve the precious Syrian archeological heritage which has been exposed to  acts of destruction and vandalism by the terrorist organizations. He noted the existence of plans for cooperation with the Chinese side within the coming days.

The GDAM's delegation which participated in the opening of the exhibition, delivered several lectures on the importance of the Syrian antiquities and their current situation due the war waged on the country, on the destruction and vandalism caused to these antiquities and on the efforts being exerted by the GDAM and its staff to protect the Syrian national heritage.

Exhibition Overview

Asia, meaning "the place where the sun rises", is a continent with the largest area, population, and most ethnic groups in the world, and is an important birthplace of ancient human civilizations. Mesopotamian civilization, Indian civilization, and Chinese civilization were all born in great river basins of Asia. While exploring the relationships between human and nature, individual and society, the present and the future, people of Asian countries and regions have created a profound and colorful collection of civilizations.

Hamda Mustafa