Syria's Archaeological Treasures in an Exhibition at Al-Baath University

(ST) - Faculty of Tourism at Al-Baath University has recently organized an exhibition of photographs that represents the most important tourist and historical landmarks and heritage in Syria and books that deal with tourism and the means of developing tourism industry.

Dr. Hassan Mashraqi, Dean of the Faculty of Tourism, pointed out that the exhibition includes more than 40 photographs of the most important tourist attractions in Syria, as well as pictures of the nature of our country and its charming archaeological sites and ancient inscriptions in addition to books that deal with tourism.

Dr. Mashreqi noted that Syria has a lot of tourist attractions that make it one of the most important tourist countries as it is the cradle of civilizations, languages and religions.

Director of Tourism in Homs, Eng. Ahmed Akkash stressed the importance of the exhibition as a marketing tool for the tourist sites in Syria and to introduce visitors to new tourist destinations, stressing the need to link the academic study to the tourist reality and provide an opportunity for the students to learn about the features of their country.

Researcher, Dr. Nazih Bador, head of Al-Adiyat Association in Homs, said that the exhibition highlighted places of cultural and tourist value such as Ugarit, Amrit and Palmyra. These areas are considered the most important tourist attractions inside and outside Syria, noting the importance of providing an explanation and adequate  definition for these areas in each exhibition and to promote them by all the available means to bring tourists who are interested in the content and rich civilization of Syria.


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