Model of the Ceiling of Palmyra's Temple of Bel's Niche Arrives in Damascus National Museum

DAMASCUS, (ST)- During their control of the Syrian historical city of Palmyra, the terrorists of "Daesh" destroyed many archeological sites and historical monuments. One of them is the Temple of Bel, destroyed by the terror organization in August, 2015.

Within efforts to support the Syrian heritage, some Italian artists, supervised by the Italian Meeting of Cultures society and the Italian archaeological mission working in Ebla archeological site, managed to make a model of the ceiling of Palmyra's Temple of Bel's niche. The Model arrived in Damascus National Museums on Thursday after being displayed at the monumental Colosseum building and at the UN building in the Italian capital.

The model, which is 4 meters-long, 1.5 meters-wide, 80 cm thick and 190 km weight was also displayed in the European Parliament building in Brussels and the UNESCO headquarters in Paris before being given to the Syrian General Directorate of Antiquities and Museums (GDAM).

Mahmoud Hammoud, the GDAM's Director said that 3D printing technology, with great accuracy, was used in order to make the model.

According to Hammoud, colors, traditional materials and other effects were added to the model to give ancient archeological characteristics to the ceiling of the niche of the Temple of Bel, which was distinguished by its wonderful  and rare engravings and decorations.

Within a special ceremony on April 23rd, the GDAM will exhibit the model to the public at Damascus National Museum.

Hamda Mustafa