Prague Hosts Photo Exhibition on Syrian Archeological Sites Vandalized by Terrorist Organizations

PRAGUE, (ST)-A photo exhibition dedicated for the Syrian archeological sites and monuments which were vandalized by terrorist organizations was opened on Saturday at the Regional Museum in Jílové area near Prague in cooperation with Prague's National Museum.

The event will last till May 26th.

Director of the museum stressed the important role of the Syrian antiquities in maintaining and documenting human history. She expressed her sorrow over the acts of vandalism committed by the terrorists in Syria against the Syrian archeological monuments.

 The Acting Charge de Affairs at the Syrian Embassy in Prague Bashar Aqbiq said that "Syria is the cradle of human civilization", noting the great efforts exerted by the Syrian government and by workers in the field of protecting the antiquities which the terrorists had tried to vandalize, destroy or steal.

Many workers in this field were martyred in defense of Syrian civilization which belongs to the entire humanity, Aqbiq said, affirming the importance of cooperation between the General Directorate of  Antiquities and Museums (GDAM) in Syria and the National Museum of Prague.

Many Czech people who are interested in archeology and culture, besides a number of archeological experts attended the opening of the exhibition.

In 2017,  a memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Syrian GDAM and the Prague National Museum aiming to provide support for the GDAM, including necessary materials and expertise, in order to contribute to the process of renovating the Syrian archeological heritage. The process includes holding mutual exhibitions on the Syrian and Czech heritage, training Syrian archeological staff in the Czech Republic, renovating damaged Syrian artifacts in the presence of Syrian experts.

Hamda Mustafa