Authorities in Daraa Thwart Attempts to Smuggle Syrian Artifacts

DARAA, (ST)-Competent authorities on Thursday foiled an attempt to smuggle Syrian archeological pieces, dating back to different ancient eras in al-Sanamain area in the Syrian province of Daraa.

The authorities seized the pieces and arrested the perpetrators, according to SANA reporter in the province.

The reporter said that the seized artifacts, prepared for smuggling, included a Holy Bible, antique vessels, stone figures, various glass and stone pieces, an ornately embossed ring, a lion’s sculpture without a head, a church altar stone, a jar used to collect money and coins dating back to ancient eras.

 Daraa Antiquities Directorate in cooperation with the province's Police Command have managed to foil several attempts to smuggle Syrian artifacts dating back to different ages after the Syrian Arab army liberated the province from terrorism and restored security and stability to all its areas.

Over the past years, terrorist groups in Daraa smuggled thousands of Syrian artifacts, dating back to thousands of years, across  the Jordanian borders. They also conducted illegal archeological excavations and destroyed and vandalized many archeological monuments.

Hamda Mustafa