Czech Earmarks $1,8 mln for Supporting Archeological Sector in Syria

PRAGUE, (ST)-Director General of the Czech National Museum Michal Lukeš has announced that 40 million Koruna ($1,8 million) was earmarked for supporting the archeological sector in Syria until 2019.

 The cash is part of a total of 195 million Koruna agreed on by the Czech government last year as a Czech assistance to Syria for humanitarian and development purposes.

In a statement on Saturday, Lukeš said that within the framework of an agreement signed with the General Directorate of Syrian Antiquities and Museums on cooperation in the area of protecting and renovating Syrian antiquities, the Czech museum will send antiquities preservatives to help protect archeological pieces.

  According to Lukeš, some Syrian antiquities, which were exposed to damage during the ongoing terrorist war on Syria, will be transferred to the Czech republic where they will be renovated. He said that a number of Syrian archeologists will be there in the Czech during the process of renovating the antiquities, pointing out that an exhibition will be held in Prague to showcase the renovated archeological pieces before transferring them back to Syria.

Lukeš stressed that Syria is rich of antiquities dating back to different historical eras, starting from the Phoenician civilization till the Islamic civilization, describing Syria as one of the biggest centers of world cultural heritage.  

The antiquities and archeological sites of Palmyra were exposed to systematic destruction by Daesh terrorist organization. The terrorists destroyed the Lion of al-Lat statue, blew up the Temple of Bel, along with the Temple of Baalshamin and destroyed the Arch of Triumph in 2015. They also turned the Palmyra National Museum into a prison.

Hamda Mustafa