UNESCO Team Visited Old City of Aleppo

A team from UNESCO accompanied by experts from the Directorate-General of Antiquities and Museums (DGAM) and UN Regional Directorates have visited the old city of Aleppo to assess the damage caused o the city by the terrorist war imposed on Syria.

According to the official Tishreen newspaper, the UNESCO team which represents the ‘emergency safeguarding of the Syrian cultural heritage project’ have attached great importance to the details of documentation and rehabilitation in the city.

 “The team were briefed on works being done by technical committee that formed by the DGAM to assess damage in accordance with scientific plans,” Director of Buildings in the DGAM in Aleppo Nadhir Awad said, indicating that UNESCO is interested in opening a center in the city to follow up works there.

“UNESCO will be broker in future projects and it will exert every possible effort to finance the project of documenting and rehabilitating the old city of Aleppo,” Awad clarified.

The UNESCO team discussed- during the four-day visit- emergency measures with the DGAM and ‘al-Adeyat Association’ and visited several ancient sites in the city.

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