ISIS destroys the façade of the Roman Theatre and Tetrapylon in Palmyra

Homs – Local sources in Tadmur (Palmyra) city in the eastern countryside of Homs said that ISIS terrorist organizations has destroyed the façade of the Roman Theatre and the Tetrapylon in the archeological site of Palmyra, SANA reported.

The sources said that ISIS terrorists planted explosives at the façade of the Theatre and the “Tetrapylon”, a very famous monument constituting of 16 columns, in the main street in the ancient city, a UNESCO World Heritage site.


The terrorists detonated the explosives and demolished the two monuments.

Two days ago, ISIS committed a massacre in Palmyra city in which it killed at least 12 people, including 4 employees and two teachers, who were earlier kidnapped.

The terrorist group recaptured Palmyra in December for a second time after it was liberated by the Syrian Arab Army, backed by Russia, in March. The ancient city fell in the hands of ISIS for the first time in 2015.

ISIS earlier destroyed the tomb towers that date back to various eras extending between 44 and 103 DC.

The terrorist organizations also demolished the Temple of Bell and the Temple of Baalshamin inside the ancient city and destroyed the Lion of al-Lat statue and eight other statues.