Photos of Damaged Archaeological Sites in Syria to be Shown in Prague

Director of National Museum in Prague Dr. Michal Lukeš  has described Syria as 'a store of treasures containing antiquities dating back to different historic periods'.

He told Czech Tyden magazine that there are thousands of archaeological sites in Syria and the first alphabet was discovered there.

"During my visit to Syria last month, I agreed with archaeologists in the country to transfer some damaged antiquities to Prague in order to rehabilitate them under the supervision of the Syrian archaeologists, who will be briefed on the modern ways of rehabilitation," Dr. Lukeš added.

 He disclosed the desire to organize an exhibition in Prague next year after bringing documentary photos -from Syria- of damaged and destroyed archaeological sites.

Dr. Lukeš referred to sacrifices offered by the Syrian people to protect Palmyra's monuments from ISIS terrorists. 

ISIS terrorists, who occupied the historical city of Palmyra for 10 months, destroyed many significant archeological landmarks there- the arch of triumph, the Baal Shamin temple, the Sella of Bel Temple and several tower tombs.

Syrian army units liberated the city last March.

Basma Qaddour