DGAM participates in activities in Rome and Brussels

Since the beginning of this month, the Directorate-General of Antiquities and Museums participated in an exhibition and workshop held in Rome and Brussels, according to the DGAM website.

The exhibition was held in Rome in Italy on October 6th under the title ‘Rising from the Destruction’. It was organized by the Association of Civilizations Meeting represented by Senator Francesco Rutelli in cooperation with Professor Paolo Matthiae.

The Italian President Sergio Mattarella opened the exhibition and he was accompanied by Foreign Minister, Culture Minister and archaeologists. 

The Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni Silveri gave a speech after the opening ceremony and he talked about the importance of the exhibition being held during the current circumstance Syria and Iraq are going through.

Two antiquities pieces destroyed during the ISIS terrorists’ occupation of Palmyra city in Syria plus archaeological panels on the city of Ebla and replica of the library discovered in the kingdom of Ebla in 1975 and another replica of the roof of the temple of Baal were exposed in the exhibition.

Dr. Ahmad Deeb, Director of museum affairs, and Mr. Ahmed Fadlallah, director of foreign exhibitions represented the DGAM in the exhibition.

Three days later, Dr. Hammam Saad from the DGAM took part in a workshop held in the Research Centre for Archaeology and Heritage in the Free University of Brussels. He talked about the damaged archaeological sites in Syria and the measures adopted by the DGAM in cooperation with local community to preserve the antiquities pieces in the Syrian museums.

He also called for world research centers and organizations to cooperate with the DGAM to preserve the Syrian heritage, which is part of the human heritage.

There are 10.000 archeological sites in Syria, 300 of them have been damaged since the start of the terrorist war on Syria, DGAM's Director-General Maamoun Abdulkarim told the French Le Figaro newspaper last year.

Since 2011, Syria has faced a foreign-backed terror war targeting its army, people, civilization and infrastructures.


Basma Qaddour