Russian-built bridge is the sole way to bring farm produce to Der Ezzour after the destruction of 12 bridges by US bombardments

The sole way to bring farm produce to Der Ezzour province is across the bridge which has been built by the Russian military, after the destruction of 12 bridges across the Euphrates by US bombardments, according to a report published yesterday by the Russian News Agency (TASS).

The agency quoted locals as that before the war there were twelve bridges across the Euphrates here. US-led coalition's bombardments have destroyed them all. Last year Russian military engineers built a 100-meter-long pontoon bridge near Der Ezzour, thus creating a vital link between communities the Euphrates separates.

US Peace Council Calls for lifting the coercive economic measures imposed on Syria and other countries

The US Peace Council has called on the US administration and the United Nations to immediately lift the unilateral coercive economic measures imposed on more than 30 countries, including Syria, particularly after the global spread of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic.

Former UK diplomat: the OPCW has failed to make a convincing case on chemical attacks in Syria

"Yet again the OPCW has failed to make a convincing case,"  former UK Ambassador to Syria, Peter Ford, commented on the release of the fraudulent OPCW report condemning Syria for "chemical weapon" use in attacks on Latamneh village in Hama province. 
His comment was made in response to a question sent to him by the British investigative journalist Vanessa Beeley about the timing of the release of this long delayed report. 

Warning by Oxfam

On April 9, 2020, a dire warning was given by Oxfam that the repercussions of Coronavirus could drive half a billion people into poverty worldwide, as a result of social distancing and lockdown orders which have negatively affected global economies.
With more than a million COVID-19 cases globally, Oxfam has called on world leaders to agree on a financial relief package for the developing countries. They said that it would support small businesses, women, children and the elderly to cope with the economic ramifications of the health crisis.
The Nairobi-based charity released the six-point action plan, ahead of the World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF) and G20 Finance Ministers meetings.
To read the press release  in full, please open the following link:
Emma Abbas

Jewish Settlers Vandalize Palestinian Cemetery in West Bank

A group of Jewish settlers vandalized last night several tombstones in a Palestinian cemetery in the village of Burqa, near the northern West Bank city of Nablus.
The Jewish settlers sneaked into the village from the evacuated settlement of Homesh and vandalized several tombstones in the village cemetery, said Ghassan Daghlas, who is monitoring settlers’ activities in the northern West Bank.

Up to 150 Saudi royals get infected with coronavirus, NY Times reports

Up to 150 members of the Saudi royal family may have gotten infected with the coronavirus, six weeks after the kingdom reported its first case, the New York Times reported.
As the severity of the outbreak across the kingdom escalates, as many as 500 beds are reportedly prepared for royals in some of the country's elite hospitals.

Lifting the Economic Embargo for the Dignity of Humanity

Under the title“Lifting the Economic Embargo for the Dignity of Humanity”, the former Syrian Member of Parliament Maria Saadeh wrote the following message from Syria to the people of the world:
Greetings from Syria… from the heart of Syria, where love, pride, dignity and persistence of life still reign despite all the threat of death endured during nine years of war.
I speak to you all as peoples of this mother earth, as sons of the East and the West together. Every day, we follow what is happening in our world because of “Corona”… and we encourage each other hand in hand …
We give you all PEACE from the Land of peace, from the land of Holy religions, from a land that is almost 12000 years old and spread its civilizations to all humanity…