Turkey Violated Reporter's Rights : Europe Court

Turkey violated the rights of a prominent journalist by denying her access to information into corruption allegations against four ministers in the government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the European Court of Human Rights said Tuesday.
Turkish journalist Banu Guven brought the complaint to the ECHR, based in the French city of Strasbourg, after Turkish courts imposed a blackout on information about a parliamentary inquiry into the graft allegations.

Message from the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue to Muslims for the Month of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr

On the occasion of the month of Ramadan - which began this year on 13 April - and for the feast of ‘Id al-Fitr 1442 H. / 2021 A.D., the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue has sent a message of good wishes to Muslims worldwide, entitled “Christians and Muslims: Witnesses of Hope”.
The following is the text of the message, signed by the President of the Pontifical Council, His Eminence Cardinal Miguel Ángel Ayuso Guixot, M.C.C.J., and by the secretary of the same Pontifical Council, the Reverend Msgr. Indunil Kodithuwakku Janakaratne Kankanamalage: 
Christians and Muslims: Witnesses of Hope

Action to end the so-called “Caesar Sanctions” imposed upon Syria will benefit humanity, says Zepp-LaRouche

The Schiller Institute is circulating an urgent response from its founder Helga Zepp-LaRouche to Apostolic Nuncio to Syria Cardinal Mario Zenari, who has alerted the world to the acute humanitarian emergency that has been deliberately imposed upon Syria, in the aftermath of nine years of war, through murderous “sanctions” measures imposed by the U.S. State Department and irresponsibly supported by a number of other governments, most emphatically the British. Action to end the so-called “Caesar Sanctions” imposed upon Syria will not only help halt the mass starvation and poverty now engulfing that nation, but will also benefit the rest of humanity. It is time to pursue, as the Cardinal states, a pathway of Peace through Development, and to reject outright the moral indifference which increasingly threatens to unleash this scale of calamity throughout the planet.

With continuation of his repressive policies, Erdogan turns judiciary into political weapon

With the continuation of the systematic campaigns of repression and arbitrary arrests waged against the opponents of his policies , the President of the Turkish regime, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has turned the judiciary in his country into a political weapon through which he achieves what he wants after controlling this apparatus and ending his independence completely.

Henri J. Barkey is the Cohen Professor of International Relations at Lehigh University and an adjunct senior fellow for Middle East studies at the Council on Foreign Relations published an article in the Washington Post on Erdogan's dominance of the judiciary to serve his interests. He stressed that the head of the Turkish regime has systematically turned the judiciary into a tool to attack his opponents and eliminate  any opposition to his policy.

Biden’s Inhumanity on Syria

The U.S. hypocrisy to come will be even greater than anything tried by the Trump administration.

By:  Patrick Lawrence

For a time after Joe Biden took office not quite three months ago, among the questions raised was how the new administration would address the Syria question.

I do not think we will have to wonder about this much longer. It is early days yet, but one now detects the Biden’s administration’s Syria policy in faint outline. From what one can make out, it is bleak, it is vicious, it is unconscionably cruel to the Syrian people.

Washington plans to rehabilitate Al-Nusra Front terrorist organization to commit more crimes in Syria: US website

The American World Socialist website has described the interview recently conducted by the US Public Broadcasting Service’s (PBS) Frontline program with Abu Mohammad Al-Jolani, the founder of the Al Nusra Front, Al Qaeda's affiliate in Syria, as an attempt by Washington to whitewash the bloody history of the Al Nusra Front’s terrorism in Syria and to rehabilitate this internationally blacklisted extremist organization with the aim of using it in committing more crimes in Syria and starting a new stage of war on the country.

US has no option but to stop lawbreaking after defeat of pressure policy: Iran

Iran’s administration says the United States has been left with no choice but to end its law-breaking policies “in the very near future” given the failure of Washington’s so-called maximum pressure campaign in the face of the Iranian nation’s resistance.

Ali Rabiei, the administration’s spokesman, made the remarks at a media briefing in Tehran on Tuesday, as the parties to the 2015 nuclear deal are preparing to meet in Vienna later in the day to discuss the future of the multilateral agreement, officially named the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), Press TV reported.

“On Tuesday, we will be witnessing a new chapter in the process of defeating coercion and resurrecting the JCPOA,” he said.

“As we predicted at the height of bullying and pressure by [former US president Donald] Trump’s regime, the US — now disappointed with the previous wrong path — will eventually confess that ‘maximum pressure’ has failed, and that there is no choice but to revive the JCPOA and get all parties return to their commitments.”

    He added, “Today, we say with confidence that in the very near future, the US administration has no option but to terminate its law-breaking behaviors. Unilateral sanctions as well as violations of international agreements and regulations will also end. The Vienna meeting, which will take place today, is an opportunity for all sides to exchange views on how and when to return to the JCPOA obligations.”