ISIL is doing exactly what US wants: Activist

The ISIL Takfiri terrorist group was created by the US and does what exactly Washington wants it to do, says political activist Seth Rutledge.

“ISIS, in my opinion, is largely a creation of US intelligence and is basically doing what exactly the US wants it to do,” Rutledge told Press TV on Thursday.

The terrorists are “attacking governments that the US has geopolitical issues with, in Syria, the government of Iraq,” he said, noting “these are countries with oil that have oil roots or oil pipelines that the US wants to control and ISIS is doing a great job of destabilizing those areas, preventing pipelines and attempting to control the flow of energy from those countries.”

He went on to say that “the US has plenty of intelligence in that region, they’re constantly watching these guys (ISIL terrorists).”

A Body Blow for Turkey’s Ruling Party

In a surprising result, President Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party has failed to win a majority in parliament. But can the opposition capitalize?


DIYARBAKIR, Turkey — And just like that, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s status as the uncontested dominant figure of Turkish politics is over. In a stunning election result on June 7, his Justice and Development Party (AKP) saw a sharp decline in votes, losing its majority in parliament for the first time since it rose to power 13 years ago, according to David Kenner, the Foreign Policy.

Outside the headquarters of the pro-Kurdish People’s Democratic Party (HDP), which will become the first Kurdish party to enter parliament in the history of the Turkish republic, thousands of supporters launched an impromptu and ecstatic party, shooting fireworks and lighting flares until the air smelled like gunpowder. The crowd chanted in support of the banned Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), and cursed Erdogan as a “murderer” — blaming him for a wave of violence that targeted the opposition party in the days leading up to the vote.

Saudis to See Yemen War Backlash, Says Velayati

An adviser to Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei says Saudi Arabia will see the backlash of its war against Yemen on the kingdom's own security.

This war does not benefit the Saudis. This region is common to all of us and that is why we have opposed the Saudi aggression against Yemen and the violation of international regulations,” Ali Akbar Velayati said in an interview with the Lebanese As-Safir newspaper published on Tuesday.

US Citizens Fed Up With Mainstream Media Lies about Iraq, Iran

MOSCOW - People in the United States are fed up with mainstream media coverage of events in Iraq and Iran, CODEPINK activist organization national coordinator Alli McCracken, told Sputnik on Tuesday.

McCracken's comments come following the release of an ICM Research poll conducted exclusively for Sputnik, revealing that a total of 60 percent of European and US citizens surveyed wanted to receive information on global events from alternative news sources.

VE Day 70th anniversary

We should never forget - the Soviets won World War II in Europe

In the Western popular imagination -- particularly the American one -- World War II is a conflict we won. It was fought on the beaches of Normandy and Iwo Jima, through the rubble of recaptured French towns and capped by sepia-toned scenes of joy and young love in New York. It was a victory shaped by the steeliness of Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, the moral fiber of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and the awesome power of an atomic bomb.

But that narrative shifts dramatically when you go to Russia, where World War II is called the Great Patriotic War and is remembered in a vastly different light.

Over 225,000 people under ISIL siege in Syria’s Deir Ezzor

Takfiri ISIL terrorists have over 225,000 Syrians under siege in just one city in the crisis-hit Arab country, a new United Nations (UN) report says.

The people are besieged in the western neighborhoods of Syria's eastern city of Deir Ezzor, said UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in his last month’s report on Syria.

Mass drowning in the Mediterranean: A crime of Imperialism

By Patrick Martin

Another horrific tragedy has befallen refugees fleeing Northern Africa to reach Europe via the Mediterranean Sea. On Sunday morning, a small boat capsized about 120 miles south of the Italian island of Lampedusa. As many as 700 people are dead. Rescuers are still seeking to recover bodies. The actual death toll may never be known.

The disaster comes only days after a boat carrying 550 refugees sank in the Mediterranean, with at least 400 drowned.