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Jewish Settlers Vandalize Palestinian Cemetery in West Bank

A group of Jewish settlers vandalized last night several tombstones in a Palestinian cemetery in the village of Burqa, near the northern West Bank city of Nablus.
The Jewish settlers sneaked into the village from the evacuated settlement of Homesh and vandalized several tombstones in the village cemetery, said Ghassan Daghlas, who is monitoring settlers’ activities in the northern West Bank.

Up to 150 Saudi royals get infected with coronavirus, NY Times reports

Up to 150 members of the Saudi royal family may have gotten infected with the coronavirus, six weeks after the kingdom reported its first case, the New York Times reported.
As the severity of the outbreak across the kingdom escalates, as many as 500 beds are reportedly prepared for royals in some of the country's elite hospitals.

Lifting the Economic Embargo for the Dignity of Humanity

Under the title“Lifting the Economic Embargo for the Dignity of Humanity”, the former Syrian Member of Parliament Maria Saadeh wrote the following message from Syria to the people of the world:
Greetings from Syria… from the heart of Syria, where love, pride, dignity and persistence of life still reign despite all the threat of death endured during nine years of war.
I speak to you all as peoples of this mother earth, as sons of the East and the West together. Every day, we follow what is happening in our world because of “Corona”… and we encourage each other hand in hand …
We give you all PEACE from the Land of peace, from the land of Holy religions, from a land that is almost 12000 years old and spread its civilizations to all humanity…

Israeli Forces Demolish Emergency Coronavirus Clinic for Palestinians

0Israeli forces on Thursday entered a Palestinian village in the northern Jordan Valley to confiscate materials designated to build a clinic to deal with the novel coronavirus outbreak.
Officials from the Israeli Civil Administration came to the village of Khirbet Ibziq with a military escort, bulldozer and two trucks equipped with cranes on Thursday morning to demolish community clinic and emergency housing, according to human rights monitor Btselem.

Trump's narcissism has taken a new twist. And now he has American blood on his hands

In an article written by British journalist Jonathan Freedland and published by the UK's the "Guardian" newspaper on Friday, US President Donald Trump was held responsible for the repercussions of the coronavirus outbreak in the United States.

The article stated that the Americans are paying the price for Trump's lack of foresight and narcissism that led the number of covid-19 infected cases to exceed 100,000, thereby placing America at the top of the global league table for coronavirus infections, edging ahead of China.

American doctor describes the US government as “not helping at all" in fighting Coronavirus

Last night,  the US activist Janice Kortkamp had a harrowing call from a close friend -she has known for years- who is an infectious disease doctor practicing in three local hospitals - two smaller facilities and one major center.
The doctor's frustration, anxiety and anger were extreme and she talked to her friend for a long time about the virus itself, testing, the affects it's having on the hospitals and staff, the US government response including lock-downs, media coverage and hype, and wider range implications. 

Spanish paper: Washington and its allies support terrorism in Syria

The Spanish Público newspaper has underlined that Washington and its allies have supported terrorists in Syria and have imposed an unjust embargo on the people of Syria. 
The paper said in an article written by Eugenio García Gascón that the western intervention is a main cause behind prolonging the crisis in Syria and the ongoing war on it.