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G20 arms exports to Saudi Arabia worth three times aid to Yemen since 2015 – Oxfam

Some countries, member of the G20, have exported more than US$17bn worth of arms to Saudi Arabia since it became involved in the conflict in Yemen in 2015 but have given only a third of that amount in aid to people caught in the world’s biggest humanitarian crisis, Oxfam said today.

The G20 heads of state are due to meet virtually later this week at a summit hosted by Saudi Arabia. Arms sales to the Gulf nation could come under fresh scrutiny as the US president-elect, Joe Biden, is on the record as saying he would stop arms sales to Saudi Arabia that fuel the war in Yemen.

After five years of conflict, Yemen was already suffering the world’s biggest humanitarian crisis with 10 million people going hungry, the largest cholera outbreak on record and only half of hospitals fully functioning. Oxfam reported in August that there has been one air raid every ten days on hospitals, clinics, wells and water tanks throughout the war.

Death toll in deadly earthquake in Turkey and Greece hits 26

The death toll in the powerful earthquake that levelled buildings across Greece and Turkey has risen to 26.

The quake struck late Friday afternoon, causing a mini-tsunami on the Aegean island of Samos and a sea surge that turned streets into rushing rivers in a town on Turkey's west coast.

The US Geological Survey said the 7.0 magnitude tremor hit 14 kilometres (nine miles) off the Greek town of Karlovasi on Samos.

The quake was felt in both Istanbul and Athens.

Much of the damage occurred in and around Turkey's Aegean resort city of Izmir, which has three million residents and is filled with high-rise apartment blocks.

Aerial footage showed entire city blocks turned to rubble.

Reports: Turkey is recruiting Syrian mercenaries to be sent to the Greek border

On October 24, Greek City Times website revealed that the Turkish regime is preparing to send its terrorist mercenaries from Idlib to the border with Greece in light of the growing tension between Ankara and Athens.

The website said that a leaked conversation among the Idlib-based  terrorists revealed that Turkey has already started this new scheme and that the news of the possibility of war between Turkey and Greece is spreading among the terrorists who are ready to go to fight alongside the Turkish regime.

Swedish website reveals evidence about Erdogan recruiting Daesh terrorists to avenge against his political opponents

STOCKHOLM- The Swedish "Nordic Monitor" website has unveiled new proof about the close connection between the Turkish regime and terrorist organizations, especially Daesh (ISIS),  and about recruiting terrorists by this regime to implement its own agendas and aspirations whether in Turkey or abroad, including chasing its opponents and political rivals. 

In a report published on Friday, the website said that the Turkish regime recruited a Daesh terrorist called Abdulkadir Masharipov, who carried out a bloody New Year’s Eve attack on an Istanbul nightclub in 2017 killing 39 people, for revenge against Turkish preacher Fathalla Gulen, who is known of his strong opposition of Recep Tayyip Erdogan's rule.

Two American newspapers: Turkey sends mercenaries from northern Syria to fight in the Nagorno Karabakh region

The American Wall Street Journal and Washington Post confirmed the Turkish regime’s involvement in sending a large number of terrorist mercenaries to fight in the disputed enclave of  Nagorno Karabakh between Armenia and Azerbaijan, which is fueling the conflict in that region.

Hundreds of fighters from Syrian militias allied with Turkey have joined the fighting between Azerbaijan and Armenia over the disputed enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh, and hundreds more are preparing to go.

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Independent publishes testimonies confirming Turkish regime’s ending of terrorists to Karabakh region

The British newspaper “Independent” revealed that it had obtained certificates, documents and statements confirming the Turkish regime's efforts to fuel the new conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the Nagorno-Karabakh region by sending terrorist mercenaries to this region.

Hundreds of Syrians are said to be fighting in the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, driven there by the need to earn money. All had been allegedly hired by a private Turkish security firm to fight with Azerbaijani forces against ethnic Armenians over the breakaway region of Nagorno-Karabakh.

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Inas Abdulkareem

Trump taken to Walter Reed hospital for coronavirus treatment

US President Donald Trump was taken to Walter Reed Military Medical Center on Friday for a stay that was expected to last several days, a move the White House said was made out of extra caution after he tested positive for the deadly coronavirus and experienced symptoms.

Earlier the White House announced that Trump and his wife, Melania tested positive for the coronavirus.

Trump was experiencing fatigue, and the first lady was coughing with a headache on Friday, the White House doctor said, describing the physical impacts of a White House coronavirus outbreak that has upended the US capital and disrupted American politics one month before a presidential election.

Trump, who is 74, began taking a cocktail of drugs as a “precautionary measure,” according to doctor Sean Conley, who provided only limited information about Trump’s condition or the reasons for his extended stay at Walter Reed.