Terrorist Group Receives $5,000 a Month from Zionist Entity

Israeli entity has been regularly supplying terrorists in south of Syria with cash as well as food, fuel and medical supplies, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The paper said that Israeli army is in regular communication with ‘rebel groups’ [terrorists] and its assistance includes undisclosed payments to commanders that help pay salaries of fighters and buy ammunition and weapons.

An unnamed source told the newspaper that Israel has established a military unit that oversees the support in Syria, and set aside a specific budget for the aid.

Israel has in the past treated 3.000 wounded terrorists in its hospitals and has provided humanitarian aid such as food and clothing to civilians near the border during winter.

Both Saudi and Qatari Regimes Sponsor Terrorist Organizations in Syria, the West

Czech journalist, who is specialized in Middle East Affairs, Tereza Spencerová has affirmed that both Saudi and Qatari regimes support terrorist organizations in Syria.

She told Czech 'Parliamentary Papers'  website on Friday that the difference between the Saudi and Qatari regimes lies in the fact that Saudi Arabia finances ISIS [Its Arabic acronym is Daesh] while Qatar finances al-Qaeda.

"The Saudi Arabia's recent escalation against Qatar is caused by tension of Saudi regime that has financial, social, religious and military problems. In most cases, the Saudi regime selects meaningless solutions for problems," she added.

Zionist Entity is Based on Lies, to Collapse Sooner or Later

Israeli journalist Gideon Levy has acknowledged that the Israeli entity is based on lies and it has perpetrated horrible crimes over the past 50 years of its occupation of Arab lands. 

He said in a column in Haaretz newspaper that these lies are behind the survival of the entity, which will collapse sooner or later.

"Even if the international law recognizes the entity and salutes it as it is now, this won't negate that the entity is based on lies from its very beginning ," the columnist added, indicating that were it not for lies used by the occupation to perpetrate crimes against Palestinians and Arabs, the occupation entity would collapse a long time ago.

Saudi Arabia in War with Itself and Region, Says Jaberi Ansari

 Resisting any policy change, Saudi Arabia is in war with itself and the region, Iran’s deputy foreign minister for Arab and North African affairs says.

“Riyadh is in war with itself and the whole region,” Hossein Jaberi Ansari tells the Tehran Time in an exclusive interview.

He also underscores the necessity for neighbors to “join hands and work together in line with their national interests.”

In what follows, a full transcript of the interview has been given.

Americans ask: Why is Saudi Monarchy Our Friend, But Not Democratic Iran?

The Los Angeles Times’ readership has questioned Washington’s claims of supporting democracy and social freedoms worldwide, asking why the US opts for amity and economic reciprocity with Saudi Arabia, an absolute monarchy, but antagonizes democratic Iran, Press TV reported.

The reactions were published in the paper on Tuesday under the title, “Iran just held an election. So why is the theocratic monarchy Saudi Arabia our friend?”

Tulsi Gabbard Condemns New US Arms Sale to Saudi Arabia

US Democratic Representative Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) on Saturday condemned the Trump Administration’s new arms deal with Saudi Arabia, a country with a devastating record of human rights violations at home and abroad, and a long history of providing support to terrorist organizations that threaten the American people, Antiwar website reported.

 Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest sponsor and propagator of the extremist Wahhabi Salafist ideology that fuels terrorist groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda. Based on Saudi Arabia’s history and track record, there is a significant likelihood these weapons will be used against innocent civilians or end up in the hands of terrorist groups, according to Gabbard.

Will There Be a New 'False Flag' Chemical Attack in Idlib Countryside?

Local sources in Idlib city asserted that a group of the West -financed White Helmets had arrived in Ariha city several days ago and many civilians were brought from Saraqeb city to Ariha city accompanied by a team of an Arab TV Channel in order to prepare for a new 'false flag' chemical attack, according to the Lebanese-based al-Mayadeen T.V. channel.

The Television channel wondered whether there might be a new false-flag chemical attack similar to the one occurred in Khan Sheikhon area in the southern countryside of Idleb.

It referred to President Bashar al-Assad's interview with Sputnik last month during which he said that the chemical attack in Khan Sheikhon area was a 'false flag' to justify aggression on al-Shayrat airfield in Homs.