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TASS casts light on the return of life to normal in Aleppo

Moscow (ST): The Russian News Agency (TASS) has thrown light on the return of life to normal in the city of Aleppo and its citadel. 

In its main bulletin, the Agency talked about Aleppo’s victory over terrorism and its defeat in in 2016, noting that life returned to the city and its commercial shops after years of suffering resulting from terrorism which has devastated many of Aleppo's  facilities.

The Agency quoted Khaled Hammoud, one of the artisans working in the field of copperware as saying that the city was waiting for the return of tourists, noting that terrorists destroyed many of Aleppo 's neighborhoods, but they came to life once again.

Japan scraps plan for U.S. missile interception system

Japan's National Security Council has endorsed plans to cancel the deployment of two costly land-based U.S. missile defense systems aimed at bolstering the country’s capability against threats from North Korea, the country's defense minister said Thursday.

The council made its decision Wednesday, and now the government will need to enter negotiations with the U.S. about what to do with payments and the purchase contract already made for the Aegis Ashore systems.

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Anti-Racist Protesters Burn US Flag near White House

Protesters burned American flags just blocks away from the White House, causing US President Donald Trump to call on lawmakers to “do something” about it.

On Tuesday, protesters were seen torching an American flag during a demonstration in the nation’s capital, not far from the White House, where a crowd erupted into cheers as the banner burned.

Twitter puts warning on Trump tweet for 'threat of harm' against DC protesters

NEW YORK- Twitter on Tuesday put a warning label on a tweet from President Donald Trump in which he warned if protesters tried to set up an "autonomous zone" in Washington DC they would be "met with serious force!"

"We've placed a public interest notice on this Tweet for violating our policy against abusive behavior, specifically, the presence of a threat of harm against an identifiable group," Twitter said.

Twitter users, including Trump's supporters, will be unable to retweet the offending tweet due to the measure.

The company explained that although the tweet broke its rules it "will remain on the service given its relevance to ongoing public conversation."

Trump posted the same message on Facebook. CNN has reached out to Facebook for comment.

Erdogan's party fell sharply as Turkish opposition shares escalated

Ankara,(ST)-A new opinion poll in Turkey revealed that popular support for the ruling Justice and Development Party, led by Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has decreased significantly in exchange for rising opposition shares.

The website of the Turkish newspaper Yeni Cag stated that the poll conducted by the Turkish MAC Foundation for Community Studies and Opinion Polls and included 30 cities with major municipalities along with 15 states and districts asked a question about the participants about whether they are considering changing their convictions in supporting the parties that voted for them in the legislative elections on June 24, 2018, and 85 percent of those who voted for the Peoples Democratic Party, responded that their convictions will not change, while this percentage reached 80 percent for the Republican and Good People's Parties, 75 percent for the National Movement Party, and 70 percent for the Happiness Party.

How Did Syria Control the Pandemic So Well?

The American Herald Tribune newspaper, in an article by the Australian writer Tim Anderson, has hailed the measures taken by Syria to control the spread of COVID-19 pandemic despite the unfair western economic siege it has been suffering.

"This was not due to luck, nor to a laissez-faire Swedish style practice, as some pandemic denier friends of Syria have reported. On the contrary, the Syrian government: (1) took the virus threat seriously, communicating and maintaining trust with the Syrian people; (2) imposed strong quarantine and sanitary controls, but kept them under revision, flexible and targeted, so far as possible; and (3) imposed its quarantine and sanitary measures rapidly, well before the first infection was even detected," Anderson said in his article.

American website: Caesar Act is fraudulent by claiming to “protect civilians”

WASHINGTON- The American website "Antiwar" has stressed that the US aggression being launched on Syria reached this month, June 2020, a new level with extreme sanctions known as the "Caesar Act", a fraudulent law that claims it “protects Syrian civilians”.

"The Caesar Act is fraudulent by claiming to “protect civilians”. In reality, it punishes and hurts the vast majority of 17 million persons living in Syria. It will result in thousands of civilians suffering and dying needlessly," the website said.

The website added that the United States is still impeding humanitarian and relief aid deliveries, stressing that the US and EU blocked all aid for reconstruction and the US and allies were intent to NOT allow Syria to rebuild and reconstruct.