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Mosul Refugees to RT on Surviving ISIS and US- Led Coalition Airstrikes

Over 50,000 civilians have been displaced from Mosul in the last 10 days amid US-led coalition airstrikes and Iraqi forces advancing against ISIS. Locals are too often caught in the crossfire, as they told RT’s Murad Gazdiev.

A fortnight ago, the Suleiman family was hiding in their home, waiting for the liberation, but lived through another tragedy instead.

“One morning, ISIS fighters came to our house and banged on the door, saying they wanted to go on the roof. We begged them to leave, saying there were women and children here, but they didn’t care,” one family member told RT at the Rojava hospital in Erbil, located 100 kilometers from war-torn Mosul.

“They went up and started shooting, so we began to flee... and that’s when the airstrike hit. There was nothing left of the house,” the young man added.

‘They Destroyed Our Homes, Injured our Kids’: Sanaa Residents Speak of Horror of Saudi Bombings

Residents of one neighborhood in Sanaa say it has been hit by 37 bombs and rockets from the Saudi-led coalition since Riyadh began intervening in Yemen. They have nobody to help them in the dire situation, they told Ruptly news agency.

“Our homes were destroyed because of the aggression and we didn't receive help from anyone, no one provided us with mattresses, blankets or food. We have absolutely nothing left inside our houses. All this because of the aggression,” one resident said.

Another said their home was destroyed by three rockets during a raid.

Saudi Regime Continues Sending Croatian Weapons to Terrorists in Syria via Jordan- Slovak Website

Slovak 'ParlamentniListy' website has unveiled that Croatia continues to export weapons and munitions to Bani Saud regime who delivers them to terrorist organization in Syria via Jordan.

It asserted that Croatia sold -during the first nine months of last year- weapons and munitions worth Euro 83 million, pointing out that the value of exported weapons and munitions during the last three months of last year has not been announced and the total value may exceed Euro 100 million.

"Videos and photos came from Syria show that weapons and munitions are made in Croatia, which was one of the first countries that offered weapons to terrorist groups in Syria since 2012," the website reported, indicating that weapons arrived in Syria via Jordan.

Czech Political Activist Asserts U.S. Founded ISIS

The Czech political activist, who is expert in Middle East affairs,  Zbyněk Passer  has asserted that the United States created suitable conditions in the Middle East for the foundation of ISIS and supported it.

He told the 'ParlamentniListy' website that hundreds of documented evidences show that the US, Britain, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey support  the terrorist ISIS organization in Syria.

"The current chaos in the Middle East and the displacement of huge numbers of persons as well as the numerous losses are the result of 'divide and conquer' policy implemented by the axis of Washington- London- Riyadh – Ankara," Passer  added.

UK Secret Intelligence Report Warns of Return of Female British Terrorists from Syria, Iraq

LONDON- A secret intelligence report warns that "jihadi brides" are plotting to return to Britain to carry out "lone-wolf" terror attacks as droves of ISIS wives and children return home, the Sunday Express reported Today.

The classified analysis for Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May says women and children who have travelled to be with ISIS fighters - or have been born - in Syria and Iraq, will be able to escape terror prosecutions if they convince police they were coerced into travelling to the Middle East by husbands or parents.

According to the report, seen by The Mail on Sunday, their return poses an unprecedented threat to the UK and Europe.

Several Western countries, including Britain, have ignored Syria's repeated warnings of terrorism backfiring on the regimes that supported terrorist organizations, particularly Syria and Iraq, aiming to destabilize the Middle East, the Syrian News Agency SANA Arabic reported.

Some European countries, including France, Belgium and Germany, witnessed terrorist attacks in which tens of people were killed and hundreds of others were wounded, the agency added.

Turkish Journalist: Saudi Regime Responsible for Spread of Extremist Terrorism

Turkish journalist has blamed Bani Saud regime for the spread of extremist terrorism, which raises the slogan of Islam while it has nothing to do with this tolerant religion. She has asserted that this regime is one of the allies of Zionist extremist terrorism.

In an article published Friday in the Turkish 'Cumhuriyet' newspaper, Nuray Mert warned against the danger of the new alliance formed between head of the Turkish regime Racep Tayyip Erdogan and Bani Saud regime after the failure of the conspiracy on Syria.

Belgium voices alarm over spread of Saudi-backed Wahhabism

Belgium has voiced concerns over the spread of Saudi-backed Wahhabism throughout the country and the rest of Europe.

According to a Wednesday report by De Standaard, the country’s OCAM (L'Organe de coordination pour l'analyse de la menace)national crisis center stressed that Wahhabism is being preached in an increasing number of the country's mosques receiving financial support from Saudi Arabia.