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Unrest in Kazakhstan prepared in advance, had foreign backing: CIS Executive Committee

The mass unrest in Kazakhstan was prepared in advance in order to destabilize the situation in the country, and its organizers had foreign backing, according to Executive Commissioner of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) Sergei Lebedev, according to Sputnik international.

"It is obvious today that the destructive elements, the bandits were preparing for mass rallies in advance to destabilize the country and had foreign support," Lebedev said. "These provocateurs, guides, and sponsors of the so-called "colour revolutions" and riots in the CIS these days declare with feigned pride their leading role in criminal acts in the cities of Kazakhstan".

American website: How American capitalism profits from death

The global pandemic is a catastrophe of historic dimensions. It is also a crime, because the disastrous impact of the pandemic is the result of decisions made by capitalist governments—first and foremost, in the United States and Western Europe—to deliberately prioritize profits over lives, to reject the implementation of public health measures required to eliminate SARS-CoV-2 and, instead, to adopt policies that allow the virus to spread widely throughout the global population

The American World Socialist website confirmed that Wall Street money companies are making huge profits due to the Corona pandemic and the deaths resulting from it, noting that subjecting public health to the orders and interests of these companies has been the constant element in Washington’s policy since the beginning of the pandemic.

Tony Blair's Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon says he was told to burn secret memo that said Iraq war is illegal

The former British Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon has unmasked that Tony Blair had ordered him to burn a secret memo that said the 2003 invasion of Iraq is illegal.

According to the memoirs of Mr. Hoon that were published by the Daily Mail on Wednesday, Mr. Hoon attacked Sir Tony for sacking him in 2005 over the phone: 'He was unable to give out bad news – even bad news of his own making. I always had doubts about his handling and treatment of people. I was hung out to dry. Tony never seemed bothered about who got which ministerial jobs.'

Swedish woman charged for allowing son to fight alongside ISIS in Syria

The 49-year-old woman, whose identity is not revealed by authorities, is the first person known to have been charged in Sweden with aiding the recruitment of her own minor son as a child soldier.
A Swedish woman has been charged with war crimes for helping enlist her 12-year-old son to fight as a child soldier in Syria, where he was killed in the war.

The "TIME": Racial inequality and discrimination are features of American normalcy

America's the "TIME" newspaper has stressed that inequality and racism are the features of normal life in America, pointing out that racial discrimination haven't decreased despite the promises made by the US politicians in this respect during the past two years.

The newspaper shed light on this issue as the crimes and racial attacks, particularly by the US police, against the Americans of African descent in the United States have exacerbated.

Janell Ross, a senior correspondent for the "TIME" newspaper, said in a recent article that the year 2021 was like other previous years for the Americans of African origin in terms of racial discrimination.

Pope Francis calls for dialogue to resolve disputes in Christmas Day address

Pope Francis urged world leaders to be more open to dialogue to heal the world's many "conflicts, crises, and disagreements" during his annual Christmas address Saturday at the Vatican.

Once again speaking outdoors from the central balcony of St. Peter's Basilica after last year's speech was moved indoors due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Francis said in his Urbi et Orbi address the world needs dialogue to solve multiple ongoing crises, especially during a pandemic that has intensified physical and spiritual isolation.

32 terrorist attacks foiled in Russia in 2021: Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has stressed that 32 terrorist attacks have been prevented in Russia over an 11-month period this year, noting that the Russian security agencies managed to achieve a decline in the terrorist threat.

"Over recent years, there are significant progress and positive dynamics in this challenging, extremely responsible area [the fight against terrorism]. There has been a dramatic decline in the terrorist threat," the Russian head of state said in a video statement on the occasion of the Security Agency Worker Day, according to TASS News Agency.

Putin added that "over the past eleven years, more than 200 terrorist attacks have been foiled and the number of terrorist crimes has decreased dramatically over this period.”

 "The vast majority of such crimes are nipped in the bud," he pointed out.