Tony Blair's Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon says he was told to burn secret memo that said Iraq war is illegal

The former British Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon has unmasked that Tony Blair had ordered him to burn a secret memo that said the 2003 invasion of Iraq is illegal.

According to the memoirs of Mr. Hoon that were published by the Daily Mail on Wednesday, Mr. Hoon attacked Sir Tony for sacking him in 2005 over the phone: 'He was unable to give out bad news – even bad news of his own making. I always had doubts about his handling and treatment of people. I was hung out to dry. Tony never seemed bothered about who got which ministerial jobs.'


He asserted that Sir Tony signed a 'deal in blood' with George W Bush when they met in April 2002 at the President's ranch in Crawford, Texas, to discuss a war with Iraq.

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