The "TIME": Racial inequality and discrimination are features of American normalcy

America's the "TIME" newspaper has stressed that inequality and racism are the features of normal life in America, pointing out that racial discrimination haven't decreased despite the promises made by the US politicians in this respect during the past two years.

The newspaper shed light on this issue as the crimes and racial attacks, particularly by the US police, against the Americans of African descent in the United States have exacerbated.

Janell Ross, a senior correspondent for the "TIME" newspaper, said in a recent article that the year 2021 was like other previous years for the Americans of African origin in terms of racial discrimination.

 He said that 2021, the second year of Corona pandemic, is in many ways a singular time in history. But when it comes to inequality, 2021 is also a year like so many others—a year in which, despite a preceding season of promises and apologia, little of substance has changed. Racial inequality and discrimination are features of American normalcy. So this country that only one year before declared itself awake to inequality found it only too easy to look away.

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Hamda Mustafa