Washington plans to rehabilitate Al-Nusra Front terrorist organization to commit more crimes in Syria: US website

The American World Socialist website has described the interview recently conducted by the US Public Broadcasting Service’s (PBS) Frontline program with Abu Mohammad Al-Jolani, the founder of the Al Nusra Front, Al Qaeda's affiliate in Syria, as an attempt by Washington to whitewash the bloody history of the Al Nusra Front’s terrorism in Syria and to rehabilitate this internationally blacklisted extremist organization with the aim of using it in committing more crimes in Syria and starting a new stage of war on the country.

 According to the website, the interview conducted by Frontline’s Martin Smith is essentially a “media show” prepared to polish the image of Al-Nusra's bloody history and provide Al-Jolani with a platform to proclaim that his criminal organization is a natural ally of Washington.

The attempt to rehabilitate Jolani not only exposes the lies, hypocrisy and criminality of the US imperialist policy in the Middle East, it is a warning that new atrocities are being prepared in Washington’s quest for hegemony over the region and entire globe, the website said.

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Source: World Socialist Website