Erdogan’s regime turns a blind eye to Turkish terrorist who joined al-Qaeda in Syria: Swedish website

News reports continue to unveil the Turkish regime’s support for terrorist organizations in Syria with the aim of achieving its Ottoman dreams in the country.

The Swedish Nordic Monitor website published a report on Friday clarifying that the Turkish regime has turned a blind eye to a Turkish terrorist who has worked for Al-Qaeda terrorist organization and sought to form an armed faction of Turkish terrorists with the aim of fighting the Syrian Arab army and carrying out extremist activities in Syria.

According to intelligence documents obtained by the Swedish website, Halil Kurtuluş (aka Abu Muhammed Ali), a 45-year-old resident of Turkey’s northwestern city of Bursa, had gone back and forth between Turkey and Syria since 2012 in order to fight alongside “jihadist” groups including al-Qaeda and its offshoots after receiving training by the Tablighi Jamaat in Pakistan.

Despite multiple arrests, he consistently managed to get out of jail in Turkey.

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Source: Nordic Monitor