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US Secretary of State: Washington will not overthrow regimes by force anymore

The US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, considered that the previous interventions by the United States to change the regimes in several countries around the world had tarnished the reputation of American democracy.

Blinken stressed that Washington will not use force to overthrow the regimes any longer. He noted that " the Biden administration will seek to change the paths previously used to change regimes in other countries.  We will not promote democracy through costly military interventions or by attempting to overthrow authoritarian regimes by force.  We have tried these tactics in the past.  However well intentioned, they haven’t worked.  They’ve given democracy promotion a bad name, and they’ve lost the confidence of the American people.  We will do things differently. Shoring up our democracy is a foreign policy imperative.”

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Inas Abdulkareem