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Russian newspaper: Terrorism threat in Syria renewed due to US support for terrorist organizations

A Russian newspaper, that specializes in defense affairs, has warned of the renewal and exacerbation of terrorism threat in Syria due to the support being provided by the United States to terrorist organizations in the country.

In an article by journalist "Aleksander Stawer", the newspaper said that terrorism in the Middle East hasn't been completely eliminated, pointing out that this danger is being revived  and refueled with the help of the Americans.

The article added that the successive victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army on terrorists in 2019 and the recapturing of the Syrian city of Raqqa from ISIS (Daesh) have weakened this terrorist organization, but later events constituted a gift for the terrorists, particularly in the light of the presence of a US base in Al-Tanf area. The newspaper pointed out that this base has been a workplace for American and British intelligence bodies and the US special forces who are training the terrorists inside this base on gang war, snipping and vandalism.

The newspaper stressed that the current situation which has resulted from the exacerbation of terrorism is useful to both the American and Turkish regimes and to the terrorists, noting the strong alliance between these three parties.

The newspaper pointed out that establishing the US military base in Al-Tanf was the idea of the US intelligence.

According to the newspaper, the Russian military repeatedly announced that terrorists' activity has increased and the US support for these terrorists has also increased mainly in Homs and Deir Ezzor.

The Russian intelligence confirmed the emergence of the "White Helmets" terror organization in these Syrian provinces, which means that a new fabricated chemical attack is expected in order to accuse the Syrian Army, the newspaper indicated.

Hamda Mustafa