Trump is the weakest strongman in the world: Foreign Policy Magazine

WASHINGTON, (ST)- The US Foreign Policy Magazine said in a recent article that US President Donald Trump has become the weakest strongman in the world because of his government’s use of violence against the protests that have been sweeping the United States over the killing of George Floyd, a US citizen of African origin, on May 25 by a US officer who was kneeling on Floyd’s neck, ignoring his pleas.

The Magazine said in an article by Stephen Walt, Professor of international relations at Harvard University, that “Donald Trump’s use of violence and division isn’t a symbol of authority- it’s a sign of desperation. It is difficult to predict what is going to happen when mass protesters go up against the coercive apparatus of the government.”

  “It is hard for outside observers to know what might be the final straw that would provoke more people to go out into the streets or what sort of government response might lead them to stay home,” the article added, noting that protest movements can grow larger over time and especially if the government reacts in ways that reinforce the initial burst of popular anger.

In a relevant context, the American “Washington Post” newspaper said in an article that “President Trump has finally managed to build the wall he has been dreaming of, but not on the southern borders of the United States with Mexico, but around the White House in order to protect himself from protestors.”

Hamda Mustafa