British intelligence services recruited ISIS terrorist to collect data on military facilities in Syria

ISIS terrorist acknowledged that the British intelligence services had recruited him to o collect information about Syrian and Russian military facilities in Syria in order to target them.

"Special services of Great Britain forced ISIS terrorist to work for themselves, instructing them to collect information about Russian military facilities in the Arab country," Muhammad Hussein Saud, a former militant of the terrorist group “Islamic State”, who was recruited after he decided to return to Palmyra, told Russian journalists about this.

The British learned this through intermediaries and said,  – “You will work like a spy. We’ll help you. Go to Palmyra, they’ll give you money, phones and everything you need. The assignment is to photograph important targets in Syrian intelligence, Russian and Syrian armies. I was supposed to send pictures over the Internet”, –he said.

The ISIS terrorist confessed that he met with members of the British intelligence services in the El Thanf zone on the border with Jordan, where the U.S. military base is located. There he fled from Palmyra, where he was forced to work for the ISIS for some time.

Saud said the UK specialists needed information about “important facilities in Russia and Syria,” particularly security, in order to launch a terrorist attack in the future. According to him, the British made a former tourist guide from Palmyra, who knew several languages, the commander of the spy squad.

Basma Qaddour