The Guardian: Erdogan supports mercenaries and sends thousands of them to Libya to dominate the eastern Mediterranean

UK's "The Guardian" newspaper has warned that the Turkish regime of Recep Tayyib Erdogan has been supporting mercenaries and sending them from Syria to Libya as part of Ankara's plan for supremacy in the eastern Mediterranean.

In an article written by Bethan McKernan, the Guardian said that between 8.000-10.000 mercenaries are now in Libya to implement "Mavi Vatan, or Blue Homeland", Turkey’s ambitious plan for geopolitical supremacy in the eastern Mediterranean and for excavations for gas off Cyprus's southern coastline in a blatant violation of the Cypriot sovereignty.

In this context the newspaper indicated that Mustafa Karahan, the director of consultancy Dragon Energy, said “the push for control over any oil and gas in the Mediterranean basin is not really an economic project at all: gas supply is not a pressing need or financial imperative for Turkey yet. This is really about the projection of political power.”

 The newspaper went on to say that the Turkish regime is increasingly isolated on the world stage because of its flagrant interference in Syria and Libya , noting that its intervention in Libya's affairs  is deeply unpopular with Turkish voters.

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Source: The Guardian