Former UK diplomat: the OPCW has failed to make a convincing case on chemical attacks in Syria

"Yet again the OPCW has failed to make a convincing case,"  former UK Ambassador to Syria, Peter Ford, commented on the release of the fraudulent OPCW report condemning Syria for "chemical weapon" use in attacks on Latamneh village in Hama province. 
His comment was made in response to a question sent to him by the British investigative journalist Vanessa Beeley about the timing of the release of this long delayed report. 
Beeley asked the former UK diplomat:  "Was this long delayed report released at this timing to head off calls for Syria sanctions to be suspended over the COVID -19 "crisis"?
Ford replied: "Yet again its conclusions are based on not actually having visited the site, on accepting at face value 'evidence' provided by organisations such as the White Helmets and sundry other Western-based organisations with a vested interest in blaming Syria, and on information spoon fed by Western intelligence agencies."
"It utterly ignores the counter-testimony of brave whistleblowers.
Publication comes appropriately a day after President Trump provided the perfect illustration of US bullying of UN and UN-linked agencies by threatening to withdraw funding from the WHO. Only some agencies and officials have more spine than others."
Beely has written a lot of articles that uncovered the reality of White Helmets organization and its activities in Syria. She also participated in many events all over the world to show that this organization creates fakes and makes propaganda on behalf of jihadists and terrorists. 
Basma Qaddour