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New OPCW whistleblower unveils abhorrent mistreatment of inspectors who proved falseness of OPCW's story on Douma alleged chemical attack

A new leak by a fourth official at the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapon (OPCW) has unveiled that the organization has launched a "horrifying and abhorrent" attack against two veteran inspectors who proved the falseness of the OPCW's story about the alleged chemical attack in Syria's Douma in 2018 that accused the Syrian Arab army of using chemical weapons against civilians and provoked an American-French-British aggression on Syrian territories that year.   

The new leak was obtained by the "Grayzone" independent website.

 The fourth OPCW whistleblower defend the two veteran inspectors who challenged a cover-up of the chemical weapons probe in Syria's Douma. The new whistleblower lamented that other staffers have been “frightened into silence.”

You can read the full story and the full text of statement on Douma scandal from new OPCW whistleblower in this link:

 Hamda Mustafa