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Swedish report: According to documents, Erdogan is linked to Al-Qaeda and supports terrorism in Libya

Stockholm ,ST-  A new affirmation about  the cooperation of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan with terrorist organizations in the region and supporting them  logistically and militarily . A report published on the Swedish Nordic Monitor website revealed intelligence documents proving the existence of close ties between Erdogan and the terrorist organization Al Qaeda in Libya.

The leaked intelligence documents published by the website show that  Erdogan over the past years used to transfer  terrorists between Syria and Libya  aiming at destroying Syria. As these documents confirm Erdogan's relationship in 2012 when he was prime minister with what is known as "Ben Ali" terrorist organization in Libya and its leader called Abd al-Azeem  Ali Musa bin Ali, affiliated with al-Qaeda. Musa bin Ali participated in transferring  terrorists and weapons from Libya to Syria via Turkey over the past years, which was also confirmed by a Turkish police report dating back to the same year.


Libyan terrorist Bin Ali in coordination with with the terrorist Fida Al-Majzoub and Ibrahim Kalin, spokesman for Erdogan now, who was his chief adviser, in addition to a number of Turkish regime officials contributed  to  transporting foreign terrorists and weapons from Libya to Syria. According to the report, Bin Ali was receiving foreign terrorists coming from Libya training them  in Turkey and sending  them to the Syrian lands.

Ben Ali,  was also  receiving  support from another terrorist, the Libyan leader who holds Irish citizenship, called Mahdi Harati, who headed  the so-called terrorist organization  “Lewaa al-Ommah” who was related directly to  Erdogan.

The report also exposed the role of some establishments , societies and institutions that claim humanitarian and charitable work, the most prominent of which is called the "Humanitarian Relief and Human Rights and Freedoms Authority" in Turkey, its president Hussein Uruk and coordinator of its operations in eastern and southern Anatolia Salahuddin Ozer and the two are related with the chief of the so-called "Free Army" militia the terrorist Malik Al-Kurdi.

According to the report,  Erdogan's role has now turned to another  direction. He has moved terrorists in the opposite direction from Syria to Libya, and this was confirmed by the Libyan army several  times.