Saudi-Led Coalition Cooperates with Zionist Entity against Yemen- Political Analyst

Iranian Political analyst Mohammad Sadeq al-Hosseini has underscored that Saudi-led coalition bombed the convoy of ex-Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh which was ambushed by the Ansarullah movement in order to prevent him from unveiling the details of his conspiracy with the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Israel.

In an article published by the Lebanese al-Binaa newspaper, the analyst made it clear that slain Saleh had conspired with the UAE and Israel to carry out coup  d'état against Ansarullah movement in order to appoint his son Ahmad Abdullah Saleh , who is living in the UAE, as a president under UAE mandate.

 About 8 months ago, the planning for the coup against Ansarullah movement in Yemen started where the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Mohammad bin Zayed, the former Israel war minister Shaul Mofaz, ex-member of Fateh movement Mohammad Dahlan and Ahmad Abdullah Saleh took part in the planning, al-Hosseini said.

He added that the conspirators met in Abu Dhabi at the beginning of the planning and then they held their meetings in Socotra island, which was sold to the UAE by Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi.  He pointed out that around 9 meetings were held in the island with the participation of UAE officers, who do exist in Yemen, plus Israeli officers suggested by Mofaz.

The plan of coup

In his article, al-Hosseini recounted details of the coup plan as follows:

According to the plan, 1200 military personnel, close to the Saleh, were trained in the UAE forces camps in Aden in order to be the nucleusof the forces that were trained later in Sanaa and its surrounding. The coup was supposed to be carried out by these forces.

Former Israeli officers trained the forces in the UAE camps.

A big amount of money was allocated to train around 6000 personnel in Sanaa and its surrounding under the pretext of supporting fronts. So, the operation center of Mohammad bin Zayed conveyed $289 million from Aden to Sanaa via brokers, who were the relatives of Abdulah Saleh, between February and June 2017. Moreover, $ 100 million were given to Saleh since the beginning of August until the beginning of October 2017.

The coup was due to be carried out on August 24, 2017 but it was postponed by the UAE and Israeli officers because Saleh was not ready and Ansarullah movement discovered the plan of the coup and it tightened its control on the surrounding of the capital, Sanaa.

Therefore, the conspirators put another plan to arm 8000 fighters in Sanaa and its surrounding and they depended on local smugglers and four former Israeli officers [entered to Yemen with the help of the UAE]  plus 16 ISIS supply experts, who were transferred from Iraq to Sheikh Othman area in Aden last year.

The weapons were stored in 49 secret points in Sanaa in accordance with the plan in order to carry out the coup. So Ali Bdullah Saleh rejected to make concessions to Ansarullah movement till November 3, 2017. He thought he had sufficient weapons and armed men to capture Sanaa in six hours.

When Ansarullah movement’s leadership realized that mediation is useless, it told mediators that it would ensure safe exist to Saleh in exchange for stopping the coup. The leadership affirmed that it could capture Sanaa and its surrounding in 3 hours. And it did.

After the Ansarullah movement’s recapture of Sanaa, Saleh was forced to escape from Sanaa and this was done in coordination with the UAE, through his son. One of the Saudi-led warplanes was accompanying the convoy of Saleh and it destroyed 12 military sites and checkpoints for Ansarullah movement in Sanaa to ensure the movement of the convoy.

Before it reached Sanhan area, Saleh convoy was ambushed by Ansarulah movement and tribal fighters, who opened fire on the convoy and fired anti-armor shells on it in an attempt to arrest Saleh. However, Saudi-led coalition warplanes bombed the convoy to prevent Ansarullah movement from arresting Saleh and to prevent Saleh from unveiling the details of his conspiracy with UAE, Saudi Arabia and Israel.

In brief, the decision of killing Ali Adullah Saleh was made by the Saudi-led coalition’s leadership to cover up its direct military and security cooperation with Israel."

Basma Qaddour