World Media Stress Syria Declares Victory with Damascus International Fair Return

All eyes have turned to the 59th session of the Damascus International Fair which kicked off today under the Patronage of President Bashar Al-Assad after a five-year hiatus.

The 10-day event underlines President Bashar Al-Assad's increasingly confident position following significant military gains on the ground in the past year, the Associated Press said in a report entitled "Syria Claims Business Come back With International Trade Fair".

 The growing confidence of President al-Assad is a sign that he has snatched back control of Syria, according to The Times newspaper, which published a report entitles " Assad invites friendly nations to rebuild Syria".

While the Bloomberg website said that Syria's President al-Assad declares 'victory' with Syria trade fair return. It quoted Syrian Prime Minister Imad Khamis as saying: " The 59th Damascus International Fair is a declaration of economic victory and represents a real and clear readiness to launch the process of reconstruction."

Another comment on the event was made by the Damascus-based 'Al-Watan' newspaper, which said : " Syria is sending a message to the whole world” that victory over terrorism and the countries that support it is near."

Echoing the same view, Editor –in-Chief of the Indian 'Hard News' magazine said: "Holding the 59thDamascus International Fair with the participation of companies and businessmen representing  more than 40 countries proves that Syria started to recover."

Head of the Beirut-based Levant Institute for Strategic Affairs, Sami Nader said: " “The trade fair is sending a message that the new era of Syria’s reconstruction has begun and Assad is here to stay.”

"Syria is important market"

As for participation of Arab, regional and foreign countries in the fair, the Daily Star quoted the leading entrepreneur and industrialist Jacques Sarraf  as saying: " “Syria is a very important market for the Lebanese. If we want to ship our goods to Iraq we have to pass through Syria, and definitely we can’t send them by sea. I don’t think there are security problems in Damascus and I don’t see a problem of going there to do business."

The Algerian delegation, who are participating in the fair, told the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) that their country is interested in Syrian products.

More remarks were made by the participating companies that hope to do a good business during the fair.

Over 1562 companies from 43 countries are taking part in the fair.

Basma Qaddour