US-Led Coalition Perpetrating Heinous War Crimes in Syria-Czech Website

The Czech ''Světkolemnás website has asserted that the so-called the 'US-led coalition against ISIS' repeatedly perpetrates heinous war crimes  in Syria.

It reported in an article published Wednesday that the said coalition targets Syrian citizens and destroys infrastructures instead of targeting ISIS terrorists.

"This is a shock," the website said, stressing that the coalition's members do not only violate International law through using Syrian airspace without Syrian government's approval  or international authorization, but also use internationally banned weapons such as white phosphorus in bombing residential areas in Raqqa province.

 Two days ago, the US-led coalition aircrafts bombed residential areas in Raqqa province, killing scores of civilians and wounding several others. This crime came five days after the coalition's aircrafts targeted the national hospital in the same province with white phosphorus.

Since August 2014, Washington, which illegitimately formed  international coalition without UNSC approval, has claimed that it has been fighting terrorism in Syria, but in fact it has been committing crimes against Syrian civilians and bombing infrastructures.

The United States is one of the main supporters of terrorist organizations in Syria.

Basma Qaddour