Both Saudi and Qatari Regimes Sponsor Terrorist Organizations in Syria, the West

Czech journalist, who is specialized in Middle East Affairs, Tereza Spencerová has affirmed that both Saudi and Qatari regimes support terrorist organizations in Syria.

She told Czech 'Parliamentary Papers'  website on Friday that the difference between the Saudi and Qatari regimes lies in the fact that Saudi Arabia finances ISIS [Its Arabic acronym is Daesh] while Qatar finances al-Qaeda.

"The Saudi Arabia's recent escalation against Qatar is caused by tension of Saudi regime that has financial, social, religious and military problems. In most cases, the Saudi regime selects meaningless solutions for problems," she added.

 Both Saudi and Qatari regimes have hired terrorist organizations as tools to implement destructive policies in the region in accordance with foreign agendas.

Spencerová also expected further terror attacks in Europe, especially in Britain, referring to the continuity of the West's bet on extremists and terrorists.

Wiener Zeitung blames western government

In this context, the Austrian newspaper Wiener Zeitung stressed that the Saudi and Qatari regimes support extremist organizations in the West.

These extremist organizations recruit terrorists and disseminate their ideology, the paper reported Friday, mocking Saudi regimes' accusation to Qatar of supporting terrorism.

"It is ironic that the Saudi regime, which sponsors terrorism and extremism, accuses its neighbor Qatar, which also supports terrorism, of supporting terrorism," the paper said, adding that the timing of the dispute between Saudi and Qatari regimes , which coincided with blasts that hit London, was not by chance.

The paper blamed the European and Western government, that have strong relations with Gulf regimes, for blasts that hit some European countries.

Reasons behind Saudi-Qatar crisis

Four days ago, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates broke off relations with Qatar.

Riyadh took the lead on Monday to sever relations and other countries fell in line after an official source said the kingdom "urges all brotherly countries and companies to do the same." 

The crisis between Saudi Arabia and Qatar erupted following US President Donald Trump’s visit to the region last month, marked by the signing of a record $110-billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia. 

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said the visit was aimed at getting Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations in the region to stand in “unity” with Israel and confront Iran.

After Trump's visit, the crisis escalated between Riyadh and Doha because of an article in Qatar's state-run news agency in which the emir was quoted as criticizing the US, Saudi Arabia, and their client states for attempting to stir up tensions with “Islamic power” Iran.

Basma Qaddour