Zionist Entity is Based on Lies, to Collapse Sooner or Later

Israeli journalist Gideon Levy has acknowledged that the Israeli entity is based on lies and it has perpetrated horrible crimes over the past 50 years of its occupation of Arab lands. 

He said in a column in Haaretz newspaper that these lies are behind the survival of the entity, which will collapse sooner or later.

"Even if the international law recognizes the entity and salutes it as it is now, this won't negate that the entity is based on lies from its very beginning ," the columnist added, indicating that were it not for lies used by the occupation to perpetrate crimes against Palestinians and Arabs, the occupation entity would collapse a long time ago.

 He enumerated several lies used by the occupation entity to deceive the world, especially the lies of security interests and peace process, which will never be carried out despite scores of conferences and talks held in this regard.

'Big lie'

"peace process will never be carried out simply because Israel does not think of ending its occupation of Arab lands," Levy stressed, describing the Israeli settlement project as a 'big lie'.

"This project is developed by lies as none of the settlements was built honestly," he said, affirming that Israeli settlers, politicians, army  and civil administrations are lying.

The occupation entity has been exploited its false saying: "we will never forgive Arabs because they forces our children to kill them" in order to perpetrate crimes against Palestinians and Arabs since 1948 until now.

Yesterday marked the 50th anniversary of the Israeli brutal aggression on Arab countries. During this aggression the Syrian Arab Golan, the West Bank and Gaza Strip in Palestine as well as Sinai peninsula in Egypt were occupied by the Israeli entity [Zionist entity].

Basma Qaddour