Slovakian Professor: Trump is the Fastest Violator of International Law

The Slovakian Professor František Škvrnda has underscored that the U.S. aggression on al-Shayrat airfield in Syria made the U.S. President Donald Trump the fastest American president in the 21st century who violates the international law after his resumption of power.

He said in an article published Monday in a Slovak "Literárny Týždenník" newspaper that the aggression on Syria represented continuity of American military intervention in countries' internal affairs.

"The aggression comes in favor of terrorist organizations which see that Washington's daily agenda does not include joint action against ISIS," the professor said, asserting that the aggression increased tension between Washington and Moscow.

 He indicated that large part of the international community was disappointed after the U.S. aggression which showed that Trump has nothing new to solve current crises . "The American generals have offered no new strategy to fight terrorism in Syria. So, the goals of the aggression were to distract attention away from the internal problems  of Trump and to send a positive signal to the influential American military-industrial complex."

Since August 2014, the United States has led an illegal coalition under the pretext of fighting ISIS and it has helped spread of this terror organization [ISIS] in the region and in the countries that support terrorism.

Last month, the U.S. launched several missiles at one of the Syrian army's airfields in the central region, killing 7 persons, wounding several more and causing big material damage.

Other missiles were launched by the US at several towns in the east-southern countryside of Homs where 9 civilians, including 4 children, were reportedly martyred.

Basma Qaddour