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Washington Lacks Credibility- Omani Paper

Contradictory statements made by the United States after its aggression on Syria proves that Washington lacks credibility and confidence, the Omani ‘al-Watan’ newspaper says.

It said in its editorial on Thursday that Washington has agendas and goals covered with humanitarian causes in order to deceive the international community.

“Committing further breaches of international law and of Syria's sovereignty by Washington under false pretexts proves that it has certain agendas and goals covered by humanitarian issues in order to deceive the international community," the paper clarified, stressing that the U.S. knows well what happened in Khan Sheikhon area.

 "The United States knows well what happened in Khan Sheikhon and whether the chemical attack was a real attack or fabricated one. It also knows where chemical elements came from and who entered them and who stored them to be used against civilians. Otherwise, the U.S will be involved in what happened in Khan Sheikhon," the editorial added.

It highly appreciated wisdom and patience of Syrian leadership and army in containing the U.S. aggression that coincided with pre-prepared media and political attacks.

The paper, in addition, referred to the firm stances of Syria's allies in the UNSC and on the ground after the U.S. aggression launched on a Syrian military airfield in Homs last Friday.

Basma Qaddour