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Spanish Journalist: Donations Flowing from Gulf States Are ISIS Main Funding Source

Spanish Journalist has underscored that donations flowing from Gulf kingdoms and sheikhs are the main funding source for terrorist ISIS organization [also known as IS or Daesh].

Gustavo Morales  said in an article published by the Spanish 'Dewalt de Hoy' newspaper: "Investigations unveiled that percentage of funding that comes from Saudi Arabia for ISIS is 5% of total funding that comes from over half million donors."

He pointed out that most of weapons being provided to terrorist organizations in Libya, Iraq and Syria are bought by Saudi Arabia and delivered to these organizations via a third party, such as Turkey.

 Morales  referred to the remark made by the former undersecretary for terrorism and financial intelligence at the U.S. Department of Treasury David Cohen, who condemned 'lax legislations' in Qatar and other gulf states that facilitated money transfer from fake charitable organizations to ISIS.

The same information was confirmed by Director of the Arab World Research Center in University of Mainz in Germany Dr. Günter Mayer, who made it clear that the major funding source for ISIS – until now-  is Gulf states, especially Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and United Arab Emirates.

A lot of media reports have affirmed that the Gulf states, Turkish regime, Israeli entity and western countries, mainly the U.S., France and Britain have been the main financiers for terrorist organizations in Syria over the past years.

The other funding source for ISIS is revenues garnered from smuggling antiquities and refugees and selling stolen oil.

Basma Qaddour