Al-Nusra Front Cooperates with Turkish Intelligence in Using Chem Weapons in Syria, Says German Writer

A Famous German writer has declared that al-Nusra Front [Jabhat al-Nusra] in cooperation with Turkish intelligence uses chemical weapons(CW) in Syria, pointing out that this terror organization [al-Nusra Front] has quantities of sarin gas .

Micheal Lüders told a German official Television Channel : "Evidences show that what was called the 'chemical attack' was clearly and certainly the result of cooperation between al-Nusra Front – al-Qaeda branch in Syria- and Turkish intelligence."

He added that the Turkish regime represented by RacepTayyip Erdogan and his intelligence realized that they can exploit terrorists in Syria to achieve their interests.

 "Turkish regime has provided al-Nusra Front and other terror groups with weapons containing sarin gas. This was mentioned in a report issued by the United States intelligence on January 20th, 2013," Lüders  said, referring to the fact that these terrorist groups have now the ability to produce sarin gas by themselves.

The German writer stressed that all Turkish journalists, who have written about this issue are either jailed or forced to flee from Erdogan.

"Allegations of the former US President Barak Obama about the use of chemical weapons by Syrian army in 2013 were wrong," Lüders affirmed, adding that Obama retracted his intention to attack Syria after he was informed by the US and British intelligences that there are no evidences about his accusations against Syria.

"90% of the west-backed Syrian 'opposition' figures  are terrorists. Therefore, the western intelligences will pay price for that," he concluded.

Özdil: Erdogan regime conspires with US against Syria

Another comment about the chemical attack in Syria was made by the Turkish writer Yılmaz Özdil, who said that the US practices deception to justify its military aggression on Syria as it did in Iraq.

"The former US President George Bush and the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair lied to the world about chemical weapons in  Iraq and they killed two million Iraqis. Now, there are others who want to repeat the lie in Syria," Özdil  said in the editorial of the Turkish 'sözcü' newspaper.

He indicated that thousands of criminals have been sent from all over the world to Syria in order to kill the Syrian people, but they will not succeed in destroying this country and fragmenting it.

Özdil affirmed that Erdogan regime conspires with the United States against Syria.

Three days ago, the Turkish Professor Emre Kongar said that the use of CW in Khan Sheikhoun area in the Syrian Idleb province is a dangerous Zionist-Imperialist conspiracy targeting Syria and its allies.

Basma Qaddour