SWEDHR Asserts White Helmets Murder Kids for Fake Videos

Two days ago, the US 'Veterans Today' website published a report entitled 'Swedish Medical Associations Say white  Helmets Murdered Kids for Fake Videos".

The report written by Gordon Duff asserts that Swedish Doctors For Human Rights (swedhr.org) analyzed videos, the rescue after an alleged attack by Syrian government forces. The doctors found that the videos were counterfeit, where even Arabic stage directions were overheard, and that the alleged “Rescue” in actuality is a murder. On first analysis, it looked as though the doctors working on the child assumed he was already dead.


"However, after broader investigation, the team ascertained that the boy was unconscious from an overdose of opiates.  The video shows the child receiving injections in his chest, perhaps in the area of the heart and was eventually killed while a clearly fake adrenaline injection was administered," the report added, affirming that this was a murder.

The doctors determined in their analysis:

• The video should be life-saving measures after a chemical attack with chlorine gas (now claimed to be Sarin-not possible), including injection of adrenaline via syringe with a long needle into the heart of an infant. In no way were treatments correctly given for any potential chemical agent.

• The handling and treatment of the child was done in a manner that was careless, dangerous and likely to cause serious harm.

• Most telling is the fake repeated shots of adrenalin, supposedly into the heart.  The medical personnel, and I think we can safely call them actors at this point, failed to push the plunger on the needle. Thus, the contents of the syringe were never injected as is clearly visible in the video itself.

• The visible diagnosis by a team of actual medical experts, based on what is observed in the video, indicates that the child was suffering from an injection of opiates and was likely dying of an overdose.  There is no evidence of any other agent, chemical or otherwise.

• None of the children in the videos showed any sign of being a victim of a chemical attack.  From an earlier video by the White Helmets:


• It was clear that the faked injection with the long needle administered through the stitches murdered the child in the video.  This was a purposeful killing staged to appear as medical treatment.

• Behind the fake translation of the videos, the actual Arabic included stage directions for positioning the child for the video, not for medical treatment.


• The videos were on the White Helmets-channel “Syrian civil defense in Idlib province” uploaded. The videos were produced by the White Helmets, together with the organization “coordinating sarmin”, their logo a black jihadist flag (Al Qaeda). In the video are also white helmets to see.


At the beginning of March 2017, The Chairman of the association, Professor Prof. Marcello ferrada de Noli, published a first article with an analysis of the case: “Swedish Doctors for Human Rights: White Helmets video, macabre manipulation of dead children and staged chemical weapons attack to justify a” No-fly Zone “in Syria”.

This was followed by more macabre discoveries in the videos not seen initially in the article White Helmets Movie: Updated Evidence from Swedish Doctors Confirm Fake Life Saving Practices Injure Children.

The collective findings of the Swedish doctors (swedhr) with regard to the propaganda and fakery by al-Qaeda in Syria: (Al Nusra) are in line with the findings of leading German and International Scientists for Syria War.


White helmets

The report made it clear that the white helmets, supposedly an independent NGO, receives up to $100 million from CIA and UK Foreign Office, "dark project' funding. It murders children and share headquarters with Turkish intelligence in Gaziantep.

Add to that, the white helmets is a mixture of CIA, al-Qaeda and British Intelligence Services and it fabricates news in order to gain the sympathy of the world public opinion and to create humanitarian catastrophes to justify western intervention in Syria.

Since the beginning of the terror war on Syria in 2011, the Syrian government sent dozens of letters to the United Nations Security Council including documents about Turkish and Saudi regimes' support for terrorist organizations to have Chemical weapons that had been used by them against Syrian army and people. 

Compiled by: Basma Qaddour