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Army's Success in Defeating Terrorists East of Damascus to be Followed by Political Success in Geneva- Paper

The Omani ‘al-Watan’ newspaper has asserted that al-Nusra Front’s terror attacks on government-held parts of Jobar district east of Damascus, which have been launched just few days after the Israeli occupation entity’s terror aggression on Syrian territories, proves the firm relations between Israel and the armed terrorist organizations.

It said in its editorial on Tuesday that those who closely watch the developments in Syria can notice the connection and integration between the master [Israel] and the agent [terrorist organizations] and can realize the main reasons of the terror attacks on Jobar district.

 “The main party in conspiracy against Syria wants two things from the attacks on Jobar district. The first one is to steal the results of the Syrian Arab army’s retaliation to the Israeli warplanes’ attack and the effect of this retaliation on Arab peoples, who felt that someone is defending the Arab nation’s dignity and has broken the silence that has been an open document for nations’ enemies to impinge on its principles and identity. The second thing is to have cards on the ground in order to use them in the forthcoming Geneva talks,” the paper clarified.

It described the attacks on the said district as a ‘clear attempt to whitewash terrorism'.

"Remarks made by spokesmen of Syrian 'oppositions' on the attacks were ridiculous as they said that the attacks launched by al-Nusra Front terrorists were launched by the so-called ' Free Army'. They tried to hide the oppositions' relation with the terrorist al-Nusra Front and ISIS organizations and to defend al-Nusra Front. This contradicts the agreements announced during  the first and second Astana conferences," the paper added.

It concluded by saying that the Syrian Arab army's success in recapturing all sites to which al-Nusra Front terrorists infiltrated north of Jobar district will be followed by political success in Geneva talks to be held on March 23rd through unveiling those who are still perpetrating crimes and destruction in Syria.

Basma Qaddour