Czech Political Activist Asserts U.S. Founded ISIS

The Czech political activist, who is expert in Middle East affairs,  Zbyněk Passer  has asserted that the United States created suitable conditions in the Middle East for the foundation of ISIS and supported it.

He told the 'ParlamentniListy' website that hundreds of documented evidences show that the US, Britain, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey support  the terrorist ISIS organization in Syria.

"The current chaos in the Middle East and the displacement of huge numbers of persons as well as the numerous losses are the result of 'divide and conquer' policy implemented by the axis of Washington- London- Riyadh – Ankara," Passer  added.

 He pointed out that the former US President George W. Bush and the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair are war criminals and they must spend the rest of their lives in prison because of crimes they perpetrated in Iraq and in other areas in the world.

Last August, Donald Trump- US Presidential candidate then-called President Barack Obama the "founder of ISIS".

Basma Qaddour